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Virtual Training Becoming a Reality for U.S. Navy

Cubic Advanced Learning Solutions is in the midst of developing a comprehensive virtual training solution being described as simulation on steroids. For the U.S. Navy, virtual training is becoming a reality.

The solution is being developed for the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship- a fast, agile, focused mission platform designed for operation in near-shore environments but also capable of open ocean operation. Cubic’s solution combines on screen avatars who instruct Sailors in a realistic, virtual gaming environment with the use of hand-held devices that emulate tools to train for routine and emergent situations.

Today’s Sailors, much like the rest of our up and coming generations have been raised playing video games. Game-based training solutions provides a great opportunity for more effective training.

Avatars will be able to walk Sailors through scenarios and emergent situations while placing them virtually in the spaces where they will be required to complete tasks. Sailors will be able to run through scenarios until they are comfortable maintaining an operating the ship- something that is just not possible in a real-world training environment. 

Learn more about game-based training by visiting the Cubic Advanced Learning Solutions website.

*Video produced by Naval Surface Force U.S. Pacific Fleet


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