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Cubic Global Defense

Cubic Global Defense (CGD) is a leading provider of live, virtual, constructive and game-based training solutions, special operations, mission support and intelligence for the U.S. and allied forces in more than 35 nations.

CGD designs, develops and services a diverse range of systems, products and technologies that are critical for national security and mission success. Our primary focus is to raise human performance - both individual and collective - by providing an integrated, effective learning assessment experience that drives combat readiness.

Enabling a Safer World is at the core of Cubic Global Defense. Our enduring commitment to shape the future of defense technology began in the 1950s. Today, backed by more than six decades of experience, CGD strives for innovative excellence not only in the technology and systems we provide, but also in our integrated approach to defense solutions, which allows our customers to receive streamlined operations and strategy, cost efficiency and speed to market. Learn more