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The Results

The result was a reduction of about 3,600 pounds per SATCOM terminal, reducing transport fuel costs, increasing room for additional ammo, fuel, and equipment on vehicles, and allowing a quicker transition from “ship to shore”. The HBSI-PT configuration is a dual-band GATR antenna system with Ku- and X-band capability, plus a colorless transport networking stack which is comprised of a colorless core and three enclave networking groups.

This USMC HBSI-PT configuration is carried in six cases (antenna, modem/power, Ku-band, X-band, and networking group), each weighing under 98 lbs. The HBSI-PT has the same performance as a 4,000-lb. Mobile (trailer) Terminal (MT), but packages in cases far smaller and weighing much less than other SATCOM terminals.

With reduction in size and weight of up to 80% compared to other deployable terminals, the system has proven to be most useful in hard to access areas where high-bandwidth communications are critical.



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