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Course Information
HME Level I

A one-day introductory level, lecture-based training course designed to enable students to recognize and safely operate in an environment involving a clandestine Home Made Explosives (HME) manufacturing laboratory.

HME Level II Clandestine Laboratory Course

A five-day course that combines instructor-led demonstrations of HME Synthesis and their explosive capabilities for an enhanced understanding of their associated hazards, and methods needed to effectively and safely prosecute clandestine HME laboratories.


A five-day course that provides a full sensory experience with respect to the production and use of Home Made Explosives (HME), ideal for personnel who will directly encounter HME and HME Labs.

Advanced IED Electronics Course

A five-day Advanced IED Electronics course that addresses the IED circuitry used in today’s ever-evolving threat environment, providing trainees with the necessary skills to understand complex electronic theory and advanced device construction.

Clandestine Laboratory Training

Designed for SOF, EOD, Law Enforcement and First Responders, this course teaches trainees to recognize, operate in and exploit clandestine laboratories.

Post-Blast Analysis

A three-day course that focuses on basic post blast investigation for intelligence or evidence purposes.

IED/WMD Training Aids

A robust course that addresses explosive device design and build capabilities.

Recommended Specialized Training

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Advanced Tactical Medicine


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Lone Operator Series


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