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NextBus Suite includes:

  • NextBus Information - provides convenient access to trip planning, real-time arrival and departure updates, service alerts and notifications, and number of seats available 
    • Real-time passenger information
    • Predictions with machine learning
    • Diverse access to information
    • Centralized content management
  • NextBus Operations - an intuitive web-based portal facilitates planning, scheduling and operations
    • Dynamic maps with rich data
    • Real-time and historical data
    • Dashboards with widgets
    • Dedicated driver app
Next Bus
Solution Details
Real-Time Passenger Information

Provides real-time arrival data that increases the likelihood that passengers will use public transportation. Saves operators time and money by optimizing existing routes and schedules.

  • Passenger information displays, including mobile
  • Automated passenger counters
  • Automated voice annunciation system
Mobile App and Web

The mobile app offers transit riders a host of features, including walking directions to the nearest stop route and stop options. Available via:

  • Android - Download the app from the Google Play store.
  • iOS - Download the app from the Apple App store.
  • Mobile web - Click here and NextBus will automatically determine your location to find your nearest stop.
  • DesktopSelect your transit agency from the main menu, followed by their route, their stop, and their direction.
  • Voice Call phone number listed at the bottom of agency stop page and follow instructions when prompted.
  • Text/SMS - If you know your agency and stop number, text 41411 and enter the information when prompted.

Every agency has different display needs. That’s why we develop a customized signage solution at each location that incorporates full-color, dynamic LCD signage and features high-quality, real-time arrival information.

  • Electronic signage and displays (LED, LCD/TFT, E-ink), including push-to-talk buttons at bus stops
  • Sign and display management
  • Live and replay maps

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency 

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is one of America’s oldest public transit agencies, the largest in the Bay Area and seventh largest system in the United States. It currently carries more than 200 million riders annually. 

TransLink, Queensland, Australia

NextBus’s first international project rollout included delivery of the NextBus solution to TransLink in Brisbane, Australia, which oversees 19 separate transit service operators.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority 

NextBus partnered with Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) to bring real-time passenger information to northern Florida. Following an initial pilot in 2013, the full system implementation encompassed 170 buses across 46 routes. After a quick installation, the system went live in late 2014. 

Live Operation

Our customizable solution allows you to select the management tools and customer touch points you need, no matter your vehicle fleet size. It provides passengers the information they need to remain on schedule — even if their bus or train isn’t.

On-board Equipment

GPS technology and a proprietary algorithm link data from the city’s various transit vehicles and agency management systems and send it to the NextBus service center. With its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, the need for in-house equipment and support is decreased, reducing agency costs.

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