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American Stock Transfer and Trust Company
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Plaza Level
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Cubic Headquarters

Cubic Corporation
9333 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the company’s business?

  • We serve the transportation and defense markets, where our solutions are used on a daily basis to improve efficiency and increase situational understanding in some of the most important and complex systems of major cities, battlefields and training environments. For our transportation customers, this means our solutions are being utilized to reduce urban congestion and simplify the daily lives of the commuting public. And for our military customers, we are helping to drive improved mission effectiveness and operational readiness.

When was the company founded?

  • Cubic was founded as an electronics company in 1951.

On what exchange is the company listed and what is its symbol?

  • Cubic is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol CUB.

When did Cubic become public?

  • Cubic’s initial public offering took place in 1959.

How many employees does Cubic have?

  • For the fiscal year ended 2015, Cubic had more than 8,300 employees working on 5 continents and in 26 countries.

What are the company’s annual revenues?

  • Cubic Corporation's fiscal year 2015 annual sales were $1.431 billion.

When does the company’s fiscal year end?

  • Cubic’s fiscal year ends September 30.

Which stock market indices include Cubic?

  • Cubic is included in the SPADE Defense Index, Standard & Poor’s SmallCap 600 and the Russell 2000.

Does Cubic pay dividends?

  • Yes, Cubic has paid uninterrupted cash dividends on its common stock since 1971.

Can an investor buy Cubic’s stock directly from the company?

  • The company does not offer a direct purchase plan, or a dividend reinvestment plan. Cubic’s stock can be purchased through a licensed brokerage firm.
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