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The Solution

Bridging the gap between different and isolated technologies is essential. The integration of Asterisk PBX with Vocality products; specifically, Radio over IP, that is designed to provide radio interconnectivity via Radio over IP (RoIP) protocol and BASICS Voice that is designed to provide conventional analog voice circuits (FXS / FXO) via Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol.

Developing this new infrastructure is feasible with standards-based interoperability. In order to fulfill market demands, our solution observes these design principles:

  • Use of versatile and portable equipment that is able to provide interoperability between existing isolated platforms.
  • Scalable and flexible deployment allowing gradual expansion based on application needs.
  • Based on open-source operating systems. This provides reliable operation, platform independence and adoption of new capabilities inherent in the operating system that results in the rapid development of new features.
  • Cost-effective, lending itself to reuse of equipment


Cubic Military Radio
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