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We work hard to design solutions that minimize learning barriers with advanced delivery systems, designed for flexible and accessible training.

Sailors at the Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS) in San Diego are getting state-of-the-art training using our 3-D, interactive LCS simulators to help them better prepare for their jobs onboard the LCS. Sailors find the simulated environment not only engaging, but helpful in exercising muscle memory to retain important information.

"Actually going through the simulator and doing the valve alignment with an up to date EOSS and marking the steps off as you go, I feel is more beneficial to me in learning the process versus just sitting there watching a Powerpoint," said Second Class Petty Officer Perkins, a student in the LCS Engineering Plant Technician course.

Creating innovative and engaging courseware to help sailor, like Perkins, is what we do best. 

Watch the video to see the LCS Simulator in action.

Sailor trains on Cubic's virtual courseware.

Game Based Learning

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