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Features and benefits:


  • Indoor Tracking: Our Shoot-Through-Walls Detection system assesses collateral damage to buildings inflicted by weapon simulations, and makes casualty assessments for exercise participants and damage assessments for vehicles in the hit zone.

  • Accurate: Our system is highly accurate and realistically simulates the effects of indirect and direct fire from a wide range of weapons.

  • Compatible with MILES: Recognizes code from currently fielded Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) and other laser coding schemes.

  • Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Tracking - Accurately tracks exercise participants, objects and weapons effects and relays their status to the EXCON based on GPS for outdoor tracking and IR and ultra-wideband technology indoors.

  • Multimedia After Action Review - High-resolution video and 2D/3D presentations provide a comprehensive AAR and enhance comprehension of situational awareness.

  • Track without GPS: As an extension to the functionality of our Command and Control systems, our MOUT Building Instrumentation (MBI) allows training between open and urban terrain. MBI is a type of Enhanced Room Association Device (ERAD) mounted throughout buildings to enable position tracking even when GPS is unavailable.

  • Installs easily - Simple to install and remove.

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness - Automatic report rate changes as soldier moves between inside and outside a building.

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