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Solution Details

Our revenue management solutions are future-ready and easily scalable, including individual card-based, account-based, or open payment "pay as you go" options - or a combination of two or all three.  Our systems address the accessibility and equity concerns of all the communications your agency serves, focusing on simplified and seamless travel choices.

Transaction Processing

Supports fare calculation and transaction processing for all transit payment instruments, including closed-loop cards or open payment bankcards and mobile wallets, in both card-based and account-based transactions.

Payment Processing

Comprehensive payment processing subsystem, supporting multiple types of payments. Includes a PA-DSS certified gateway that supports transit specific transactions such as payment aggregation.

Customer management

Provides support for customer-assisted service centers and call centers, IVR, website, mobile, and other self-service portals. Secure, role-based access to customer data ensures protection of PII data, and an open use case-based API is provided to enable our customers to choose alternative CRM applications.

Partner management

Provides flexibility to configure a variety of business and financial rules with agency partners, such as retail network partners, employers providing pretax benefits, schools, and other institutional partners. An open API is available to enable self-service partner websites or mobile apps.

Financial Accounting

Offers comprehensive automated financial accounting support. A comprehensive clearinghouse rules engine supports complex apportionment and financial business agreements, with an open API for automated general ledger postings providing the flexibility to work with an accounting provider of your choice.

Data Management

Ensures data security accuracy and traceability in a data heavy environment. System data is required for time sensitive functionality and for standard reporting on ridership, revenue and other operational functions. It is also valuable for improving service and optimizing operations, facilitating future planning and decision making, and allows our customers to spot trends and act accordingly.

Device Management

Offers extensive, automated device management functionality that is proactive in nature, helping customers keep their devices up and running and anticipating upcoming issues.

Product Details

Since 1971, we’ve worked with transportation authorities worldwide in providing every component of complex transportation infrastructures, including support services, financial services, IT operation services, and asset management.

From servicing and maintaining transportation field devices, to implementing and operating back office systems and managing all channels of customer service communication, we’re committed to providing unparalleled support for our customers and yours.

Product Breakdown



IT Operation

Asset Management


At the core of our service offerings are Support Services – the management of day-to-day operations – ensuring an excellent customer experience across all channels and a high overall level of system availability.


By providing accurate and timely revenue management, Cubic Financial Services are focused on protecting revenue.


IT Operation Services includes system and network infrastructure, hardware, software applications and infrastructure security management.


From vending machines and fare gates to road signage and traffic management tools, our comprehensive Asset Management Services carry out continuous advanced diagnostic remote monitoring, ongoing preventive maintenance, and rapid corrective maintenance.


Analytical and operation management services are key to understanding and communicating with travelers.  Our Professional Services department provides the planning, marketing communications, and outreach required for best-in-class performance.

Customer Contact Revenue Management


Field Maintenance Community Outreach and Customer Education
Sales Channel Accounting Services System Device Support Spares and Life Cycle Management Operational Planning
Management Fraud Management Operations   Assistance
Violation Management Services   Security Management Disaster Recovery   Data Analytics
Service Desk        




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